Our Objective

Sustainability in the automotive recycling industry is becoming more and more significant as companies find ways to reduce carbon footprints while meeting the population’s increasing demand for recycled components. Road Tested Parts is committed to implementing circularity in our business practices, as shown in our comprehensive Sustainability Program of collecting and reclaiming materials in end-of-life vehicles for recycling materials or for powering our own operations.

Our Impact

Road Tested Parts generates over 6.1 million pounds of crushed vehicles per month, recycling aluminum, steel, plastic, copper, and lead as part of the process. We recycle 3500 catalytic converters containing precious metals platinum, palladium, and rhodium monthly, and on average Road Tested Parts is recycling approximately 8000 tires in the same amount of time. In support of our own operations, we extract approximately 12,000 gallons of fuel per month which is used as the main supply for the 125 company delivery vehicles on the roads every day delivering quality parts to our customers. Removing the oil and transmission fluids from the end-of-life vehicles allows us to heat over a million square feet of warehouse space in our facilities.

Our Dedication

Continual Improvement

Each small change that we make contributes to a more environmentally friendly environment and we will continue to seek ways to implement sustainability in our daily operations. Road Tested Parts is dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint even as we continue to increase our geographic footprint. Embracing those closed-loop processes is how we successfully promote environmental and economic benefits to our organization, our employees, our communities, and our industry partners.